The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans : edition II

It’s with delight that we announce our second edition of our series “The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans.” In the past, we’ve published articles on « Marseille vue par les Marseillais », but we’re excited to dive deeper into the Mediterranean beyond southern France.

At Ichtus, we’ve searched for the best creatives located all over the Mediterranean with unique stories to tell about their surroundings. These creators’ stories and experiences have us dreaming of experiencing every last corner of the Mediterranean with our own eyes from Zadar to Aveiro. 

Agathe Rosa

My name is Agathe Rosa, and I was born 33 years ago near Lake Annecy. Adopted by Marseille at age 6, my blood became salty. And now I can’t live without the sea, the power of the natural elements and generous light. Italy is my second home as I have ancestral roots there, have lived and still return regularly there.

Having studied architecture, I keep my attention on the interaction between natural light with man and land. For me, photography is a language that allows us to write and question our relationship with the world with light. For Higo, I collaborate with architects and develop photographic stories to give back the original identity of a project, a story and experiences of places: a sensitive dialogue between the material and man, light and space, air and vibration.

My favorite spots in Marseille, France, and the Mediterranean:

Nina Sušac

I’m Nina, a true summer lover living my Mediterranean life in Zadar, Croatia. I’m forever inspired by the ease, carelessness and gentle courage that the warm months bring, and my photos are a way of honoring them all year round. I guess I’ve always been drawn to photography because it allowed me to create my perfect world, full of light and pastels, which sometimes is in such contrast with what is really going on in my head.

I like to think of the entire Mediterranean as my home, and since spending a year far from it in New Zealand, I’ve gotten to appreciate the richness of culture and experiences this part of the world has to offer even more. We are so lucky to be living it. 

My favorite spots in Zadar, Croatia:

  • For a true local experience, take a boat ride to the peninsula where the Old Town is, instead of crossing the bridge.
  • Take a weekend trip to Dugi Otok, and make sure to go by car.
  • The Garden Lounge: Cocktails with the best view
  • Take a late afternoon swim and chill with the locals at the Mul pier and take a short walk to the Sea Organ for the sunset
  • Dine at Providur, and book in advance to get seated on the terrace

Sabino Silva

Hi, my name is Sabino. I’m from a little town near Aveiro, Portugal. Last year I finished my degree in economics while never losing my passion for photography. I always loved to look for old albums in my house with pictures from my parents’ travels and from my sister’s and my childhood. That’s where the passion started. 

I bought my first camera when I was 18 and began taking it everywhere I went. From travel to portraits and concert photography, all of it made me realize that what I loved was capturing moments and feelings. The Mediterranean is my latest passion; the easygoing lifestyle where everything takes a calm pace seduces me.

I think most of the inspiration comes from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s aesthetics. My girlfriend “brought” me to that era, and now I can’t leave it — that unperfect feel is perfect.

My favorite spots near Aveiro, Portugal:

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Kristin Blake.

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