The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans: edition IV

In the next installation of our series “The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans,” we dive head first into the relationship between art and storytelling. We interviewed three creators on how they see their natural habitat in the Mediterranean and express themselves through photography. 

We each have an individual perspective shaped by different life experiences. For these creators, it’s their childhoods, travel and studies that have shaped their stories. The power of place undeniably shapes the way we see the world, and these three Italian creators shed some light through the art they create.

Anna Pazzola

I’m Anna Pazzola. I grew up in Sardinia, an island surrounded by the sea. It was the beginning and the end of my journey, no matter where I was headed; it has always been a constant with my life. The high school I attended was in a small village on the west coast; the Greek and Latin culture enthralled me from the beginning — the Greek one in particular. So, I ended up studying philosophy with a specialization in ancient philosophy. 

By the age of 22, I decided to cross the sea to move to Tuscany. I chose Pisa, an ancient maritime republic, a port city, open to the world, humble and charming. In fact, Itried to leave this city behind several times, but I never really could. I moved to Florence, Cagliari and other places I loved, but in the end I always came back there up until April 2021 when I said goodbye to Pisa to be embraced by Lucca and its walls. And it’s here where I figure myself to be for a long time to come.

I started taking photos very soon, using my eyes so I learned earlier to watch, then to frame something on a screen: I winked before pushing a button. I love regular movements, the sea, small things, contrasts, people, streets. Taking photos is my way to approach the world, to get to know it, to choose it day by day. It’s my answer to our need of sharing, which is nothing but the window that connects us together.

My favorite mediterranean spots in Italy :

Lavinia Ardimento

Hello! It’s Lavinia. I’m a foreign languages student from Bari, Italy, in the beautiful Apulia region. I approached photography in the past few years. During adolescence, I was obsessed with writing. I always felt the need to write good stories, something people could remember and be impressed by. It didn’t last; I started thinking I was not built for that. Then I realized that it was just a “technical matter,” so I decided to tell stories through photos. 

Do you know the word photography derives from the Greek words “phos” and “graphê,” which literally means “writing with the light”? I strongly believe that beauty is everywhere, but this doesn’t mean everyone is able to perceive it. So here I come with my photos, trying to catch it. My favorite subject is, of course, the Mediterranean since it is the place where I live.  Actually it’s not just that: My father, a sport fisherman, gave me a profound love for the sea. He always says that the sea is just like a person: sometimes angry, sometimes quiet, and you must be patient with it. 

My favorite mediterranean spots around Puglia:

  • Enjoy some quality time at Masseria le Carrube near Ostuni
  • Book a table at Cibus in Ceglie Messapica if you want to taste some Apulian flavours and typical dishes in a more sophisticated way
  • Have a stroll around Polignano a Mare and its beautiful terraces facing the deep blue shining sea
  • Spend several days in Lecce, the baroque jewel of our region, with its fascinating history and its majestic churches
  • And don’t forget to have a look at Le Icone, a furniture and decor store in Cisternino. It’s the perfect shop to find original pieces of elegant furniture from the past centuries up to the present days.

Elide Tavarone

I was born in the wonderful region of Italy called Basilicata, but I grew up in Bologna. My studies were in economics and communication strategy. I realized very soon that the world of art was my thing, not just photography, but everything that gravitated around it. 

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed looking at photos. I can say that curiosity, emotion and the ability to stop the moment inspired my deep passion for photography; this is my language. I’ve always liked cameras and taking pictures. My father was also interested in photography, so it has always been a part of my life. During my school years, it was my main occupation on weekends. I think it also started when I was about 6; I was crazy about collecting vintage cameras. It’s my favorite love story. No end.

Thanks to my parents, I have traveled a lot since I was a child. I like to travel, to discover new countries and new flavors. I’m curious, I like beauty in all its forms. I particularly love France. When I can, I run away to go there. But the city that has adopted me for several years now is Bologna. An ancient university city, it still retains the charm of a great city of the past, rich in monuments and works of art. A city of remote artistic, historical and cultural traditions, it has contributed to the repertoire of Italian cuisine with dozens of classic recipes and foods, including tortellini, tagliatelle and mortadella, as well as Bolognese sauce. There are arcades (or porticoes) everywhere, which are great for escaping the sun or the elements.

My favorite mediterranean places in Bologna:

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Kristin Blake

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