The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans: edition V

The Mediterranean Sea’s shores touch dozens of countries, but we all have a different way of experiencing it, whether it’s the gentleness of golden hour or the raging coastal waves. In the next installation of our series “The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans,” we interview creators on their relationships with photography and storytelling. For these creators, photography allows them to showcase life’s little details or allows them to tell stories more vividly. They share their best inspirations and favorite spots to explore in the Mediterranean.

Marta Torné

My name is Marta, and I was born in Barcelona. My father has always been my great inspiration. He’s passionate about film photography, and we always have cameras at home. When I was 14 years old, he gifted me a Pentax, and from that moment on, I never parted with it again. I have the story of my life in photos, albums full of memories. I’m so lucky to have immortalized many moments that you can relive when you see those images. 

Later I studied photography and dedicated myself to it professionally in various disciplines. I find inspiration in simple things that sometimes no one else perceives: a light, a small reflection, a flash that suddenly floods everything. That opens my mind (and makes my heart pound) to a world of details that I like to capture.

My favorite Mediterranean places in Barcelona:

  • Hotel Brummell, a little oasis in the middle of the city
  • Picnic, the best restaurant to have a good brunch. Everything they make is very good, I’m a super fan of their Benedict eggs and their natural lemonades. The site couldn’t be more amazing.
  • Ciutadella Park. It’s like Central Park in the city but on a small scale. There are greenhouses, a lake, grass to sit on and enjoy the outdoors and a sunny day. There’s usually a lot of music and fun activities. 
  • Gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera. Its views surround the city until it merges with the sea. There’s a botanical garden, a cableway and open gardens flooded with flowers and trees. 
  • Chandal, a store that you cannot miss. Located in the Born district, in the old part of town, this Nordic-style shop is full of wonders. 

Carla Sifer

I am Carla Sifer. I graduated in psychology, although now my work revolves around social media. In fact, I am a lucky girl to be able to be part of the world of music, one of my passions.

I am synaesthetic, which is why colors are so present in my feed. I’m a lover of gastronomic tourism, concerts until dawn and road trips. I am lucky to be the “mother” of my two cats: Bowie and Gaudí.

The truth is that I think that the world of photography is not my greatest virtue, but I like to treat photos with affection, find special details and share them. I am very inspired by those artists who I know most closely, and of course those who are somewhat unattainable, such as Wes Anderson or Salvador Dalí

My favorite Mediterranean places in Spain:

  • Majestic Hotel: One of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Barcelona. It’s undoubtedly the perfect place to spend a few days in Barcelona, although of course, you have to prepare your pocketbook.
  • Restaurante Elche, next to the famous Sala Apolo. In it, you can eat the best paella in the city.
  • Bar Alegría. I really discovered it very recently thanks to my friend, but it has become one of my top three. You have to try the delicious truffled potato “tortilla.” It is located in the emblematic and gigantic Eixample of Barcelona. 
  • Bazar Fantastik, one of my favorite stores for the products that you can find in it and also for the kindness of the team. Their products are varied and you can find Mexican articles or others for the home or decoration.
  • The Labyrinth of Horta, a beautiful place that is located in the mountainous part of Barcelona. They’re beautiful gardens where in the center of them, between sculptures and trees, there is an authentic labyrinth. In this place some films have been recorded, such as scenes from El Perfume.
  • Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, an emblematic square and much loved by all the inhabitants of the city located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It is without a doubt my favorite place in Barcelona where you can find me if one day my phone goes off and you don’t know where I am. 

Cristina Tedde

My name is Cristina Tedde. I was born in Cagliari, but I still study and live in Florence. I work as a journalist, mainly curating articles on art and culture, ranging from design to women’s topics. In fact, I studied history at the University of Florence. I started writing about politics, then moving on to art and culture. 

For Elitism Florence, I mainly write columns in a cultural key. I combine the discovery of the city with slightly more complex themes read in a feminine key, with an eye toward the working world of women and beyond. This interpretation is present in all my articles, from Siloud to Scimparello Magazine, where I write for children.

In 2019, my first book of poems, Sangue nel vento, published by the publishing house l’Erudita, of Giulio Perrone Editore, came out. I think photography goes hand in hand with my work. I love to write, so I started taking pictures to give words a face.

My favorite Mediterranean places in Florence, Italy:

Kristin Blake

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