Creator Spotlight : Muntsa Pous, ceramics artist

Muntsa Pous doesn’t consider her ceramics work a business; she says it’s a passion. Creating her ceramic pieces is like therapy and allows her to connect with herself, Muntsa says. “It makes me happy to see that people like my pieces and want them in their homes,” she says. “It’s like they are taking a piece of me with them.”

Originally from a town in Catalonia, this now Barcelona dweller started taking ceramics classes in 2014. But it wasn’t until 2021 that Muntsa dove more into her art and started investing more time into her ceramics.

At Ichtus Magazine, we were fascinated by the delicacy of Muntsa Pous’ work and wanted to learn more about her craftsmanship. We asked her several questions about her art, favorite spots in Spain and inspiration.

Ichtus Magazine
Tell us about your relationship with ceramics over the years.

Muntsa Pous

I started taking ceramics classes in 2014, as I was studying and in front of the computer all day. I was seeking a way to do something with my hands, and through a friend, I found a ceramics studio run by Misako Homma

In 2015, I ended up at a studio called El Taller de Lusesita. The teacher gave us freedom to create whatever we wanted, and I started to fall in love with the ceramics world. In 2021, after the pandemic, I wanted to do more pieces and have more time in the studio. I started in the co-working space in Les Mans, which allows me to have a space to create more.

I guess it is the tactile aspect of the practice that makes it special for me. Especially in these digital times when it’s sometimes difficult to imagine all the things that we can make with our hands. Clay is a way of life.

Ichtus Magazine
Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Muntsa Pous

I find inspiration in my everyday life. I’ve always been experimenting with art. Since I was a child, I’ve been painting, drawing and doing stuff with my hands. I’ve been creating and experimenting with this material. I love the way that clay has its memory and how you have to take care of it during the process. It allows me to express myself through different pieces, colors and forms. 

For me, doing ceramic pieces is like when I was 5 years old, and I was painting all day. I play with clay. When I am starting a new piece, I let my intuition guide me. I have different forms in my head, but I let myself go where I am feeling at that moment.

Ichtus Magazine
Tell us more about the process of making ceramics. 

Muntsa Pous

Most of my work is modeling clay with the coiling technique. I love to create vases with coiling, which allows me to make a piece as big as I want using my own hands.This is why I enjoy making big vases. I love the process of making them; there’s a lot of emotions while I’m doing them.

I work on more functional pieces such as mugs, plates or spoons but make them fun pieces by adding color and handles.

In fact, I made a series of vases that incorporate faces with changing shapes but maintain a constant essence that I called “I See Faces.” I have another series called “Coral” with vases with different necks and handles. It’s a series inspired by a trip to New Zealand: the colors of the island, the rocks and the landscape fascinated me.

Ichtus Magazine
Wow, your “Coral” series is beautiful. Can you tell us more about your trip to New Zealand and the experiences that helped you create these ceramics?

Muntsa Pous

In 2019, it was a year of changes: I left my job at that time, and in January, I went to visit my brother who was living in New Zealand. It was the first time I did a trip by myself. Once I was there, I was shocked with everything. I felt amazing.

All my January had been cold, and suddenly, I was enjoying a summer there. I was fascinated with the landscape, the sea, the sand of the beach, with the rocks, the lichens, the plants. And I was conscious of where I was; I was observing, not just seeing. I wanted to transcribe all those emotions to this series, The Coral.

Ichtus Magazine
What’s your best piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Muntsa Pous

I’m just starting, so I would say it to myself, too. Find something you love, which you connect with, and bring it to the end. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know if it’s going to work.

Ichtus Magazine
What are your favorite spots in Barcelona?

Muntsa Pous

  • As for hotels, I would say Casa Bonay. I don’t usually go to hotels, but definitely I would go there if I was visiting Barcelona. You’ll feel like home.
  • As for restaurants, I would go to Petra Restaurant, a quiet and small spot in Born neighborhood with delicious food and plenty of details. Special place.
  • When I have to look for gifts, Chandal has design objects and always surprises me.
  • As for stores, I would recommend Casa Perris, an amazing place to do the grocery shopping for nuts. 
  • Barcelona has a lot of special places, but there is this square called Plaça Sant Felip Neri, which is magic. 
  • And in Montjuïc, you’ll find El Jardí Botànic with plenty of flowers to experience nature.

By Kristin Blake

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