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Art carries a sense of spirituality. When we see an exquisite photo or immaculate painting, our hearts begin to leak with emotions from awe to empathy. Here at Ichtus Magazine, we find that these three photographers display this inextricable link between art and spirituality. Their photos highlight the Mediterranean in her natural state. We interviewed these three Mediterranean photographers on where they find inspiration and their favorite spots.

Paula Rosell

Half Spanish, half Chilean, but feeling 100% Italian. I’m an artistic photographer based in Madrid. Early on, I noticed myself as a highly sensitive person, and even though I spent my early professional life working in a business school, at some point I decided it was time to take my path on my real passion of art and photography and begin a real and intense journey on creativity.

I think we are surrounded by beauty, and here is where I find my daily inspiration: simplicity, natural light, art, architecture, skin, daily details that need to be observed to appreciate the beauty in them. But I find my biggest inspiration in the city of Rome, where I’ve been traveling since 2014 developing a photography project about the city.

My favorite Mediterranean places in Madrid, Spain: 


Born and raised in Rome, where I still live, I carry the city in my heart even if curiosity and love for travel have always led me also elsewhere, especially in Europe and the Mediterranean, searching for beauty and new discoveries.

I feed myself on words, images and constant creativity. I have been a journalist for almost 20 years. Indeed, I worked for a long time in the cinema before becoming a freelancer and also dealing with food and tourism. Writing is a fundamental part of me; I couldn’t live without it. But the same goes for photography, which over time has taken up more and more space both as a visceral personal passion and as a parallel profession, also thanks to the potential of social media and Instagram.

The very first time I picked up a reflex camera was a real shock to me. Since then, the camera has become my third eye. This is a faithful companion in life and work, which follows me everywhere. I love to grasp the poetic and colorful side of the world around me, to enhance life in all its forms, to capture every detail that can contain a story. 

Not by chance, my new and latest project is called “Fioriscono storie,” which means “Stories bloom.” I take photos and write for small businesses activities, tourist facilities or individual artists. I am helping them to tell and make themselves known. I like to enhance the light, the external one, which is natural, and the inner one, which is in ourselves and in others.

My favorite Mediterranean places in Rome, Italy: 

  • Casa Naif, a delightful apartment just a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna 
  • Romeow Cat Bistrot, my favorite bistro with excellent cuisine and four-legged friends
  • MAXXI Museum, the perfect match between art, design and modernity
  • Villa Borghese, a pleasant green walk among history and fairytale
  • Rione Monti, the right neighborhood for an “alternative” shopping in the alleys. There is a nice break with lovely places to drink and eat

Meri Triviño

I’m Meri from Barcelona, and I’m passionate about vintage, music and ’80s movies. I work as a project manager in an innovation company creating immersive experiences through emerging technologies such as VR, AR, holograms and AI.

Although I spend all day surrounded by technology, in my free time I love to disconnect and enjoy simple things like having a good coffee in a nice place, going for a long walk with my dog or meeting my friends for a vermouth on a Sunday morning. And it is precisely these moments that inspire me and connect me to photography. I have always loved taking photos, trying at all times to capture the light, the colors and the essence of happy moments. Any everyday detail that surrounds us can be inspiring if you look at it closely and from the right angle.

My favorite Mediterranean places in Barcelona, Spain: 

By Kristin Blake

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