The Mediterranean as seen by the Mediterraneans : IX

There’s something alluring about the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not simply a body of salt water but an escape to serenity. It’s not just a sea but a feeling linking us to summer. At Ichtus Magazine, we believe spirituality can be found everywhere, especially in art and nature. There must be a reason our jaws drop and our hearts beat a little faster when we experience golden hour on the Mediterranean. And it’s in this same breath that we introduce three Mediterranean photographers, how they capture this sea through photography and their favorite places to visit in Spain.

Carlos López

I’m Carlos, speaking right from the Mediterranean. I grew up between Alicante and Almería, and I consider both my home because of the family, the food and the light. Since I was a child, I’ve always been bewitched by the beauty of the desert, where a ton of spaghetti westerns were filmed. The pure and cold waters of their beaches is the only thing you need to ease the warmth of the summer. Whenever you feel troubled by the city, you can escape to a million places that will make you feel at peace, which is the one thing that I try to convey on my pictures

In all of those places, I find inspiration everywhere I look. In the fierce winds roaring in my ears, in the warm mountains of the desert and in the light of the endless sunsets in the sky.

My favorite Mediterranean spots in Spain:

  • The perfect place to stay in Cabo de Gata is Hotel Spa Calagrande in Las Negras, Almería.
  • For good rice, a specialty of Alicante, and the most perfect views, go to the restaurant Cabo la Nao in Javea, Alicante.
  • In Gata de Gorgos, you can find Sombreros Mengual, a traditional store where you can buy handmade hats of all sorts to protect you from the sun. And you will need them!
  • Watching the sunset in Playa de la Fabriquilla in Almería is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve done in my life.
  • And also another beautiful sunset — yes, I’m a sunset lover — is at the top of the mountain Maigmó in Alicante.

Maria Cazorla Montilla

I was born inland but always missed the sea. When I moved to the coast of Andalucia, I felt that nothing would ever take me away from here. I love the sunsets on the sea, the deep blue of the Mediterranean waters being an extension of the sky, the whitewashed walls of the little towns combined with the floral colors on their streets, the sea breeze and the smell of salt water, the sound of the waves mixed with flamenco music. 

I used to see my father with his film camera everywhere he went. Before he died, he gave it to me, and I decided to learn photography so I could feel him closer.

I find inspiration in everyday life: the simplicity of the places where I go, daily moments between people on the streets or the trips I take. I’m proud of the place where I belong, so this is mainly the theme on my shots.

My favorite Mediterranean spots in Marbella, Spain:

  • Hotel Claude Marbella, a charming boutique hotel that’s tastefully decorated located by the Old Town.
  • Casa del Mar Restaurant, traditional top quality Andalusian cuisine in a Mediterranean bohemian atmosphere.
  • Doliva Shop, beautifully decorated olive oil and wine shop in the old town where you will find only the best local products.
  • Marbella Club Pier, the most emblematic sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea can be watched from here.
  • Calle Ancha, one of the most beautiful streets in the city with whitewashed walls combined with endless bougainvillea, cute shops and traditional restaurants.

Cristina Mengual

Born and raised in Barcelona, I’ve always had a nomad and island soul. I’ve lived in Ibiza for a while, joined a local NGO from an isolated Greek island, moved to Bali or stayed in Lanzarote during winter. I call the Mediterranean my home, and I can’t imagine myself living far away from its slow-living and beautiful coast. In fact, I currently live in Empordà, one of the most stunning destinations in Catalonia. Also, I run my own creative and digital studio, where I work with conscious and visionary brands. I also organize retreats to connect with nature and with our inner soul. 

I find inspiration in the Mediterranean way of life and the beauty of the everyday. 

The slow living, the sunny days, the contrast of colors between the sky and the pine forests, the hidden coves. I try to portray the essence of an endless summer. I also try to portray the warm feeling that fills our bodies with the arrival of good weather.

My favorite Mediterranean spots near La Costa Brava and Empordà in Spain: 

  • Arkhé Boutique Hotel. One of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. Located in Pals. Arkhé is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy and slow stay. 
  • Sa Garrofa. A multi-purpose space that basically has everything. You can join a yoga or meditation class and enjoy organic food. 
  • El Jardín de las Lilas. You can buy flower water and essential oils from their flowers and plants at this Empordà store.
  • Tamariu. I lived in this pretty and small town during the lockdown. I enjoyed every walk next to the sea, the calm and the crystal clear waters of its tiny and familiar beach.
  • Illa Roja. This spot is just magical. Illa Roja is a nudist beach with a big red rock that inspired its name.

Kristin Blake.

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