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Anything from an Iberian Peninsula road trip to a good gluten-free meal can speak to a person’s soul. Just ask the three Mediterranean photographers we interviewed about their relationship with art as well as their favorite spots in Spain and Italy.

At Ichtus Magazine, we believe creativity isn’t an accident but a reflection of a Creator. The beautiful yet authentic photos of these photographers caught our eyes, and we wanted to learn more about their stories as well as their must-see locations where they live.

Gemma Teodoro Baldó

I am Gemma, a vocational communicator and traveler. On August 6, 2010, during my vacation in Galicia in the north of Spain, my life took a 180º turn. Something made me slow down and consider radical changes in order to travel in a different way. At that point, I had to take some time before getting back on a plane, and I decided to go on with my family’s tradition: road trips around the Iberian Peninsula in my little red car.

So over the last decade I have driven more than 200,000 kilometers on road trips through Spain, Portugal and the south of France, looking for the local essence of each place, through its gastronomy, art and culture. Currently I am investigating the best options for sustainable tourism in Europe, and I show everything I find, especially on Instagram and my podcast in Spanish, Marte puede esperar.

I got my first camera with my father, who has spent all his life capturing all moments we spent together with family, friends and travels. So I remember having spent all my life with some camera around me.

Lately, when I grew up, I studied communications at university. I discovered all the chances photography gave me in my different jobs. Something that made Escritora Viajera emerge on Instagram capturing the reality of my travels and my special moments.

Photography is magic. It allows us to recover our lives and go back to places and people who were special. This is the reason why I enjoy taking photographs of real places, not touristy ones, and observing people through my lens.

My favorite Mediterranean spots in Spain:

  • Hospedería San Martín Pinario, Santiago de Compostela. I stood here last year, when I was celebrating my last ten years, after having walked a part of the Camino de Santiago, celebrating life and being thankful for all the good things that came to my life since 2010. This building hosts pilgrims from all around the world, and it seems to keep the essence of all those people who have been here.   
  • El Patio de Leones, Madrid. I discovered El Patio de Leones two years ago when I went once to El Retiro. I love going to taste its rice and its croquetas. Its inner side is a bit eclectic and vintage, and its terrace is perfect for summer and spring time with a really chic look. 
  • Villa Juana, Benicàssim. I love discovering authentic places when I go to my birthplace every year when good weather awakens. Villa Juana is one of these places. You will find this shop at Benicàssim. When you come in you will discover a whole universe with Mediterranean products that fill your home with a slow life essence.
  • Burgos Cathedral: I grew up in Burgos, and my favorite cathedral forever and ever is this treasure built in 1221. 
  • Peñíscola Castle: Peñíscola Castle is one of our most touristic places in the Spanish Mediterranean. And part of my family comes from this area, so I have lived many special summer moments here. Everyone who comes here falls in love with its views of the sea.

Doriana Petecchia

My name is Doriana. I was born and live in Rome. I live in the most original neighborhoods in the city, Trastevere. This neighborhood is popular for its bohemian atmosphere. My passion for photography, cultivated from childhood, is probably also stimulated by the infinite beauty of this “Eternal City.” 

Spending time at a house among the mountains in the Marche region of Italy boosted this passion of mine. It’s hundreds of kilometers from the city’s chaos. It’s where I regain the pleasure and simplicity of slow living synchronized with the rhythm of nature and its seasons. I also express my creativity in gluten-free cooking through pictures. I only use natural and seasonal products.

My favorite Mediterranean spots in Italy:

  • Rainer Vitalhotel : my favorite hotel where the culture and hospitality, unique scent of stone pine used in rooms, food and snowy views of the Merano region allow me to spend a pleasant vacation in my favorite hotel
  • Ristorante Bagno delle Stelle : my favorite restaurant in the Marche region on the coast of Grottammare, one of the most beautiful recognized towns in Italy.
  • Les Amaranti : a shoe boutique by the Amaranti sisters, who keep the family tradition in the sector and are always careful about the latest trends.
  • Antica Caciara Trasteverina : an old grocery shop where you can buy the best Pecorino in Rome.
  • Estremi Roma : a very special shop where you will find furnishings with a natural essence coming from all over the world.

Ana Shot

My name is Ana, and I’m from La Rioja in Spain. I studied human resources, but my hidden passion is audiovisual communication. Since I was really young, I was the one in my group of friends who had a camera. I was taking pictures of everything.

Nowadays I’m still that person, and I really love to take my camera and take photos and videos in my city, on holidays, of my friends. Every time that I see something interesting, I think about how the photo would look.

In 2019 when I was living in England, I started @ana_shot to show the world as I see it through my camera. With my photos, I try to transmit what I felt in the moment when I was taking it. Beauty is what inspires me.

My favorite Mediterranean spots in Spain:

by Kristin Blake

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