Festival Hip Hop cinefest in Rome in may

The hip hop genre isn’t limited to music, and the HipHopCineFest is its living proof. This festival will host its finalists’ screenings at Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome’s Pigneto neighborhood from May 21 to 22. 

Produced by Baburka Production, this year’s festival includes more than 150 projects made by creators from 20 different countries, according to a press release. These projects include feature films, documentaries, music videos and web projects.

All of the projects are available for streaming through Filmocracy until May 22 at no cost. The awards ceremony and panel discussions will take place on-site on May 22 but will also be streamed on YouTube.

Additionally, the festival will also include a street art exposition in partnership with a.DNA Collective, an organization that champions urban project development. 

The projects will be judged by jury members from all over the globe including the United States, Germany and France. Gilles Rof, Marseille-based journalist and Le Monde correspondent, will also participate as a judge at the festival this year.

The panel discussions will include topics such as cinegraffiti, the independent film industry, feminism in the hip hop world and even a debate open to the public, according to HipHopCineFest’s website. Speakers include artist Wissal Houbabi and Mirko Pierri, a.DNA Collective founder.

The HipHopCineFest seeks to preserve hip hop culture and heritage and “to be a source of inspiration for all lovers of this world, generating opportunities to create, share, inspire, experiment, thus offering opportunities without borders and international artistic exchanges,” according to a press release.

The cost of the festival is free to allow wider access. Organizers are accepting donations in hopes of covering the physical cinema’s cost.

Festival partners include Urban Films Festival in France and the Golden Sneakers International hip hop festival in Germany.

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