The Mediterranean as seen by the mediterraneans : edition III

In the third installation of our series “The Mediterranean as Seen by the Mediterraneans,” we delve into more nooks of the Mediterranean through the eyes of its locals. These creators explore their relationship to the sea, slow living and shadows all through the lens of a camera. 

At Ichtus, we believe that creativity is spiritual and that we all have a unique perspective. We interviewed three creators on their inspirations and stories from Madrid, Spain, to Zagreb, Croatia.

Ana Periša

I’m Ana, an eternal thalassophile who is lucky enough to spend a lot of time on the Croatian coast. Despite growing up in the Austrian Alps and being based in Zagreb, I have always been drawn to everything that the Mediterranean represents as long as I can remember. As soon as the initial sense of warmer sun rays hit in spring, I start daydreaming about the Adriatic coast and being immersed within its culture, architecture and cuisine. 

There is something in how the warmer months unlock the full Dalmatian way of living. It emphasizes its relaxed mentality, bliss, carelessness, the love and appreciation for the sea and everything related to it. The little moments such as picking up fresh figs from your garden, reading a book on a beach, having endless coffee breaks, “complaining” how hot it is while also enjoying it are just a few examples of how the coast reminds you to appreciate small things in life and to take it slow.

These motives encourage my passion for photography. I still have much to learn about capturing these moments the way I see them and framing feelings, vibes and atmosphere, but I could hardly ask for a better learning journey while being in this inspiring, dreamy paradise.

My favorite spots on the Croatian coast: 
  • Hone your art of slow living by having a coffee with a view at Moreta Bar in Privlaka near Zadar 
  • Have an afternoon picnic at one of Privlaka’s sand beaches such as Vrilo, which overlooks the majestic Velebit Mountains, or Bilotinjak, which is a perfect spot for sunset sessions
  • Grab a local specialty of lavender ice cream in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar and take a stroll to the picturesque square of Škor 
  • Teleport yourself to another era while surrounding yourself by an impressive fishpond and garden of the Tvrdalj Castle in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar
  • Explore the history of olive oil at Muzej Uja, or the Museum of Olive Oil, in Škrip on the island of Brač and have a delicious tasting of local food at their traditional tavern

Alexandra Cabral

Born in Oporto, I moved to Ílhavo, a small city in the center of Portugal, during my childhood and returned to Oporto to study communication design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, where I finished my PhD in wayfinding design, assuming my obsession for sign design and a minimalistic approach.

In the past few years, reflecting an optimistic stage of my life, I searched for inspiration in light colors like bright turquoise and minimal narratives, which can be attached to a Mediterranean mood by always living near the sea. The everyday life details have always caught my attention. They can arise by the scale of a silhouette or the simple movement of someone walking, by the simplicity of a shape and shadow or through the impact of a color.

My favorite spots in Portugal:

Cristina Llamas

I am Cristina, and I work as an early childhood education teacher. I love what I do, and I find a lot of satisfaction watching how children learn and improve despite adversity. From a Spanish, Italian and Venezuelan family, I grew up in Madrid, Spain. 

My passion for photography began in adolescence. I remember trying to sell everything I could to buy my first camera. I really enjoy walking through the cities, looking at the facades of the buildings. You can find authentic wonders. But what I really love to photograph is the sea and the sunsets. You will always find a different one. Instagram inspires me a lot.

My favorite spots in Madrid, Spain:

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Kristin Blake

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